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What is your unique photography style?

You will be confused how can someone have style in photography? Style is normally related to clothing or cars or bikes, but today I will explain to you, that you also can have style in photography!

Every photographer has his/her unique style of taking pictures. Some like to be creative, while others like to be traditional. I know a photographer, who used to jump before taking his picture during weddings. This not only made the people laugh but it got him a nickname as “jumping jack”, which in time made him famous. So you see it is that one signature style you have that makes you famous, but remember whatever you do - it is your unique style.

That is your physical presence and style, but you also have another style which you are inclined to, like for me I enjoy doing street photography and specially people, this gives me my unique style of photography. You may enjoy taking pictures of flowers, animals, which is wildlife photography. Others may like doing weddings and interacting with people, some enjoy children photography. Whatever style you have, it should be your calling, you need to enjoy every moment of it. This will bring out the expression you want your viewer to experience.

Now your next question will be, how will I know what is my style? Well frankly speaking, I cannot give you a direct answer for the same, you as a photographer have to experience it from within. You need to understand what you are inclined to? And don’t be confused, many photographers I know still don’t know what their style is. They enjoy shooting everything, and that is fine because as long as you enjoy it you will (99% of the time) get the desired results, and that is all that matters.

Style is not something that I can or anyone can teach you, it is something you have to realize. It is like a self-realization, and once you realize it, you will do wonders in obtaining amazing results. It’s an ongoing process, influenced by many external factors. Some photographers are well known for their style, and the viewer has absolutely no doubt as to who is the photographer when viewing an image. For example Adam Ansel, shot landscape in black and white which is quite unusual for landscape photography.

Forget what everyone else is doing, Figure out what inspires you as a photographer. It is important for you to understand what made you take up photography. It may be the sheer experience of seeing the world through you lens and capturing it the way you see, or for others it may be the love for travel to learn distant places and understand their culture and traditions and capture it for others to experience. Whatever it is, it should inspire you to become a better photographer.

There are a few ways to help you discover your style of photography, but this cannot be a fool-proof plan and I cannot guarantee you it will work for all, but I can surely tell you it will make you a better photographer!

As a beginner, you may not know where to start, but through my experience I can tell you - shoot whatever pleases you.

  • Start with small things like a sunset, sunrise (if you manage to wake up), flower, a person at home, there are many things and I am sure you will not be short of subjects. At this point of time, it really does not matter what you take a picture with - even a camera on the phone should be enough.

  • Secondly share your pictures and ask for feedback, especially from someone who knows photography. Also evaluate yourself and understand what inspires you to take those picture, this is one of the most important steps in the process. By now you will have a faint idea of what style of photography you might be inclined to and start experimenting with it try different angles, lights and apertures for better depth of field.

  • Make a collection of your pictures and put them according to groups and styles, upload them of Social media get feedback contact people with the same interest.

  • Now is the time to cultivate your style meet groups, maybe around your neighborhood, if you do not have one you can start one. Practice, experiment and compare, a good way to better you images is to compare in your group.

Last but not the least MAKE MISTAKES, this is how you will learn to improve yourself. Be your biggest critic, learn to study your images and how you can better them the next time you shoot something similar. Do not be discouraged you will always get it right, because there is nothing wrong in photography. It is your perspective to the viewer, and how you see the World through your lens.

- Rahul Borges


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